The Value of Bidding Information


Outbound Business-to-Business calls are much more than just sales appointment calls. When representatives call out on your behalf, they are planting the seed for your business and gathering bidding information. These calls are the lifeline for building prospect databases. It is important to remember that bidding information is equally as important to booking Business-to-Business sales appointments.

Bidding information builds contacts.

You can expand your contact database by gathering names and emails to send bid flyers to. These flyers establish another point of contact and give the prospect a document with all of your information for future reference.


Bidding information helps you to look ahead.

The bidding information you obtain on B2B calls allows you to strategize the future and continue the conversation. When the time comes for the business contract to open for bidding, you will be prepared with company and project information. Business-to-Business introduction calls get YOUR name in front of the prospect early in the bidding process.


Bidding information demonstrates reliability.

When you follow up on bidding information, it shows the prospect that you take the possibility of working with them very seriously. You took the time to document when to reconnect with them and you made their business a priority.


Quick tips when bidding on contracts:

  • Only bid on projects that your company has the knowledge and resources to complete successfully..
  • Attend community events to promote your brand and meet influential individuals.  
  • You’ll have to understand that the bidding process can be slow, and demonstrating patience can have a positive impression on the other company.
  • Find your niche and hone in your strategy to target those specific businesses.
  • Consider partnering with other local businesses to create a strategic alliance.
  • Keep in communication with the company throughout the entire bidding process and beyond to build a strong relationship.
  • Each lost opportunity takes you closer to your next win so don’t give up!


Are you ready to begin expanding your business by collecting bidding information and booking sales appointments? For more information or to get started, reach out to us by calling 866.698.4567 or visiting us online at


By: Rebecca Bordner

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