Creating a Strong Customer Service Resume


Are you trying to break into the customer service industry? Or simply looking to change customer service jobs? Make your application stand out with a strong resume. As you craft your next resume, take these tips into consideration:  

  1. Make your resume specific for the type of customer service industry
  2. Create a career summary
  3. Keep it simple, edit your resume down to the essentials
  4. Illustrate your initiative with action verbs
  5. Highlight outcomes of your work, specific examples
  6. Show your employment stability, companies don’t want a job hopper
  7. Use keywords from the job description
  8. Be honest! Never falsely list dates, job titles or education
  9. Feature your soft skills
  10. Write strong sentences
  11. Action words!
  12. Specify what technology you have used in past jobs
  13. If you have them, use stats on your previous performances
  14. List any leadership positions or promotions
  15. Did we mention action words?
  16. Highlight any specialized training you’ve received
  17. Don’t be afraid to use different resume formats
  18. Show progress through your job descriptions
  19. Explain any sales experience
  20. Give an example of your problem solving skills
  21. Don’t forget your contact details!


What are your resume tips? Share in the comments below!


By: Rebecca Clausen

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