3 Things Great Sales Managers Do

businesswoman with glasses with team on the back


The quality of a sales manager has a profound impact on a sales team’s success. They are responsible for developing their sales representatives and turning problems into challenges for improvement. As a sales manager, you are required to have a number of management skills to be successful. Challenge yourself to do these 3 things daily that great sales managers do to set themselves above the rest.


In a leadership position, you are always looking for ways your team can grow personally and professionally. By reinforcing core concepts, models, and frameworks from training you are establishing a learning culture. This holds your team accountable for developing their skills. You can teach lessons about motivation, persistence, values, or anything that is important for their sales performance. Don’t let a day go by without learning something new for both yourself and your sales representatives.


As the sales manager, you are the role model for your entire sales team. You are held accountable to provide a positive example of how to act, think, and perform that inspires others to follow suite. Sales managers achieve their potential by doing the right things day in and day out. You need to teach your team to take pride in their work and to keep the ‘we’ not ‘me’ mentality for overall team success. It’s also important to remember that you should mentor everyone, not only the top performers. Many managers are surprised that the majority of sales comes from the representatives in the middle. By giving everyone on your team positive and constructive feedback, you are creating an opportunity for everyone to achieve new successes.

Get to know your team

In order to know how to best inspire your team, you need to know your team. Taking the time to get to know what drives your team and why they are working can help motivate them. Is this their main income to provide for their family? Or are they saving up to build an addition onto their house? Whatever their ‘why’ is can translate into metrics to help them reach those goals. The other value in getting to know your team is to make them feel invested in. This relationship building shows that you care more about them than just how much profit they bring in. You want your sales team to like and trust you as their boss but also respect your position. This boss/friend relationship is often difficult but it makes for the best managers.


What do you do to inspire your sales team? Share your favorite sales inspiration in the comments below!


By: Rebecca Clausen

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